1. Install Tyresoles GPS divice for free*

2. Track your vehicle movement through our app

3. Manage your retreading requirement

4. Log on to Tyresoles web portal for various reports

Get real time location of your vehicle along with live movement.
Get real time alerts for your vehicle Ignition Status(Engine On/ Off)
Get Visiblity for all your important business locations such as pick-up and drop points, workshop, parking locations and much more.
A vitual perimeter which indicates the live movement of vehicle inside the fencing and even out.
Get data of your vehicle for past trips, location visited, stoppages and more.
Gives you real time alerts when a vehicle crosses a prefixed speed limit.
In Case of any tampering with the device.
Gives you real time alerts of your vehicles for excessive halts both in terms of number of stoppages
Gets a summary of driver performance
Gives you detailed and summary of movement of your vehicle

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