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Tyresoles works closely with its customers to develop new products to meet changing requirements. It has also developed specialized rubber compounds to match vehicle operating conditions in India. It has also established an ERP system in 1999 which allows it to track tyres online and give customers accurate information about their tyres.

State-of-the-art production facilities
Trained professionals
Radial retreading
Customised treads
Extensive dealer network
Why choose us

Retreading is Recycling

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Retreading is Recycling

When you retread a truck tyre, you save 57 litres of crude oil. With your support, Tyresoles saved 1.14 crore litres of crude oil for the Nation this year alone.

Save Money by Retreading Your Tyres

If your tyres are in good condition, retreading could be an option for you. The process offers many benefits, and saving hard-earned money is one of them!