Terms & Conditions

1. Tyre failures during the process
If a tyre fails in process, the credit note will be raised only for the invoice amount and no compensation is given for the casing damage.
2. Consequential Damages
TYRESOLES will not be responsible for any consequential damages arising out of the transaction with us regarding the said retreaded tyre process. The maximum compensation will be limited to the invoice value of the tyre.
3. Tax on Purchase
The customer agrees to buy required materials from the Company for retreading of tyres. The duties & taxes as applicable under State/VAT Laws will be borne by the customer.
4. Tyres Retreaded by Tyresoles validity
TWO YEARS from the date of invoice against any such work fault in the process arising out of defective material & workmanship only. These warranty includes, tread separation, patch seperation, channel crack, tread joint failures, poor finishing or blunt design under normal operating conditions.

The warranty does not include :

  • Uneven wear due to mechanical defects
  • center wear /shoulder wear due to improper air pressure
  • early wear due to improper dualling
  • casing burst due to impact of foreign objects etc.
  • channel cracks due to under inflation & or overload
  • early wear, tread chipping due to extreme surface & operating conditions
  • Or any such failures arising out of operational hazards & vehicle defects.
5. Prorata Basis
Tyres under claim will be settled on prorata basis only i.e % of unused tread depth.Credit note will be issued for the prorata amount.Eg: if a tyre comes under claim after 30% of tread wearing, then either a creditnote will be raised for 70% of retreading amount or a tyre will be processed with 30% of retreading amount.
6. Casing Separation
Air in the casing is covered for one month from the date of invoice. However, compensation is limited to retreading value only & not casing value.
7. Warranty
Annual Rate Contract customer can refer to their specific warranty clause as per the rate contract.
8. In case of dispute
If any dispute about the transaction, service & payment regarding work done by our factory are subject to the respective jurisdiction.
9. payment terms
In case if the payment of amount about the transaction is not paid within 15 days from the date of Invoice, the amount carries 18% interest P.A. on the due amount and party agrees for that payment being a commercial transaction.