Trained Professionals

Our workforce comprises 500 highly-trained professionals who go about their tasks in a practiced and methodical manner. This ensures a quality job and quick turn around.


Radial Retreading

We have introduced the Rema Tip Top System to repair tubeless radial tyres. This has helped our customers put many tubeless tyres back in service after repairs, instead of scrapping them.


Retreading Saves Crude Oil

It takes 22 gallons (83 litres) of oil to make one average size truck tyre, we only need to use about 7 gallons to have it retreaded. Thus a fleet retreading around 100 tyres annually would save 1,500 gallons (~5,680 litres) a year.

About Tyresoles

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Placing order through App/Call

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Pick up from Your Location

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Retreading At our State-Of-Art Facility

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Dropping retreaded Tyre at Desired Location

STFC Tie-up

Tyresoles has tied up with Shriram Transport Finance Company to provide Finance facility to its customers for the Retreading services.

Tyresoles has geared up to cater to the demand from the market for good quality Ready Retreaded Tyres. For the first time the company is officially procuring good quality casings from the market & selling it after retreading with 1 month casing warranty and 2 years Retreading warranty.

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The Environmental Benefits of Tyre Retreading

In the Original Green Industry, Every Day is Earth Day
April 22nd is Earth Day, but in the retread industry we don’t wait for a single day to think about the impact we’re having on the environment. Every day in every way our members’ retread plants are delivering massive environmental savings and benefits.
Every day this week, we’ll focus on a different way our members and the entire retread industry delivers on the promise of creating one of the most environmentally friendly products on the planet.
TRIB’s video dedicated to explaining the environmental benefits of retreading is a good starting point to learn about the positive environmental impact the retreading industry delivers everyday,
Source: https://www.retread.org/video

TWO YEAR Warranty on Retreaded Tyre's

TWO YEARS from the date of invoice against any such failures arising out of defective material & workmanship only.

The warranty includes, tread seperation, patch seperation, channel crack, tread joint failures, poor finishing or blunt design under normal operating conditions.

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2-year Warranty