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Ecoflex Introduction

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Tyresoles India Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the Mumbai-based Sah & Sanghi Group, leaders in the automobile segment. Tyresoles is India’s largest tyre retreading company with factory at Belgaum. Every year, Tyresoles retreads more than 1,20,000 tyres, consuming more than 2000 tonnes of tread rubber; thus making it the single largest and best equipped retreader in the country.


Tyresoles is a member of TIA, the international chamber of commerce for the tyre industry. Tyresoles is run on ERP system by Microsoft Dynamics.

We at Ecoflex Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. are a part of the Sah & Sanghi group of companies and offer speciality sports flooring products for applications such as Indoor Sports, outdoor sports and Gym, outdoor Children's play area flooring (Playsafe), Jogging tracks (Running tracks) including IAAF approved Athletic tracks (S R National, S R Sprint and S R Olympic) and Volleyball flooring.­

Soft landings for tender feet

The growing years are an exciting time, full of activity. Children are the ones who are most susceptible to accidents. Ecoflex Safety Flooring offers excellent impact absorption properties which cushion the probability of unpleasant injuries. This makes it an excellent surface for flooring in parks, schools, and children’s play areas.

Ensuring a dream run

Jogging is an activity that is as demanding as it is beneficial. It generates a lot of strain on the calves and the knees. Jogging tracks that have been laid out using Ecoflex Safety Flooring help minimize stress levels, owing to the excellent shock absorption properties. So that nothing else comes between you and your track.

Exceeding the weight of expectations

In addition to the latest fitness gear, now equip your gym with state-of-the-art flooring.

Soft and durable at the same time, Ecoflex Safety Flooring is functional while still appealing to one's aesthetic sensibilities. Apart from its noise reduction properties, it also protects the subfloor from dropped weights. It is perfect to exercise on since it is easy on calves and ankles. All in the unbeatable champion for years to come.

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