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Old and used tyres, which are often discarded, have a disastrous impact on nature. Ecomiles Renewed  are a nature-friendly option that provides great safety for the fleet and reduces the tyre cost of the fleet. Ecomiles incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology in its retreading and guarantees safety along with efficiency.

Ecomiles - Certified Renewed Tyres Advantages

Budget Friendly

You can get two Ecomiles at the cost of one new tyre

Eco - Friendly

Ecomiles renewed tyres are eco-friendly and save up to 57 litres of crude oil

Assured Quality

We assure quality with a two-year Retreading Warranty & 1 Month Casing Guarantee

Ecomiles Renewed tyres are the best choice for you because:

Our Products

Off The Road Tyres 1400*25 HOT
Truck Tyres 1000R20
Truck Tyres 1000*20 (18PLY)

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Contact us on 91- 9004051365 / 9004111457

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